Robot chicken
"Robot Chicken" is an American stop motion animated comedy television series. The series has been airing since February 20, 2005. The series is densely layered with specific references to familiar topics in the areas of television, film, sports, religion, politics, chainsaws, and much more.

Papercut to AortaEdit

Ke$ha is featured in two segments in the episode, the first being "Independent Robot Woman" and the second being "Not So Smurfy".

The episode aired on January 6, 2013. It appears as the fourteenth episode on season six.

Independent Robot WomanEdit

In the first skit, Ke$ha voices a robot who takes on the male robot-purpose establishment.

Independent Robot Woman00:59

Independent Robot Woman

Not So SmurfyEdit

In the second skit, Ke$ha voices Sassette Smurfling as The Smurfs face the very real danger of starvation and a Hunger-Games-inspired smurf-off.

Not So Smurfy03:38

Not So Smurfy

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