Written by Kesha Sebert
Produced by Schpilkas
Spooky Ruben
Length 3:33 (Final)
5:04 (Demo)

"Lover" is a song performed by Ke$ha.


An early demo of "Lover" was posted to SoundCloud and Bandcamp in November, 2014 by Schpilkas. [1], [2] The final mix was posted to his SoundCloud and Bandcamp on October 17, 2014.[3], [4] The final version was planned to have an official release on February 14, 2015 but was cancelled for undisclosed reasons. When Ruben was asked if Lover was an official single and if Dr. Luke wouldn't allow its release, he answered "yes" to both questions. [5] He was also asked if Kesha was free to perform the track, to which he said "hellz yeah". [6]

Lyric videoEdit

On December 5, 2014 a lyric video for the track was posted on Ruben's YouTube account before being taken down. [7] (Broken link)


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