A list of things Kesha did on June 5.


Kesha tweeted "what's everyone up to"

Kesha tweeted "tell me stories"

Kesha tweeted "PARTY. girl after my ❤️ “@ajallheart: @KeshaRose listin to music with my cat at 1Am”"

Kesha tweeted "thats fuked! “@keaneoneil: so the other day I dreamt I killed my best friend bc someone turned him into a cheeseburger + I ate him"

Kesha tweeted "aliens exist. real talk. “@deniseduvs: watching re-runs of bad tv shows and questioning the existence of intelligent life on other planets”"

Kesha tweeted "I'm allergic to mango juice ;(((( “@marajxgrant: patiently waiting for you to follow me, also drinking mango juice ~ @KeshaRose”"


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