A list of things Kesha did on June 22.


Kesha tweeted ".@peeperss is gonna tweet with y'all LIVE during #risingstar tonight!! im giving him my twitter and everything. tell him he's handsome."

Kesha tweeted "Hi animals.... it's peeps. let's do this. #risingstar"

Kesha tweeted "preshow huddle with my #risingstar family @BradPaisley n @Ludacris watch now!"

Kesha tweeted "My mom looks really beautiful tonight. I'm almost jealous. #risingstar"

Kesha tweeted "Brad. I bite. #risingstar"

Kesha tweeted "He good. #risingstar"

Kesha tweeted "ok this is making me emotional #risingstar"

Kesha tweeted "yesss my mom is so smart #risingstar"

Kesha tweeted "@macee_rose its intense for me"

Kesha tweeted "@kvsharose i will when she comes home."

Kesha tweeted "new life goal: amass enough power to #raisethewall myself"

Kesha tweeted "@bdk61950 i can do that"

Kesha tweeted "@CrazyKidKesha at home. lounging."

Kesha tweeted "DONT QUIT. KEEP FIGHTING. my mama knows best #risingstar"

Kesha tweeted "That voice tho #risingstar"

Kesha tweeted "I'm enjoying swiping... Prob because I really love tinder. #risingstar"

Kesha tweeted "He sweet. #risingstar #gingerlove"

Kesha tweeted "WOW. great end.... she's fantastic. you guys are fun too. so much power at my paws givin it back to mom now #risingstar"

Kesha posted a photo on Instagram with the caption "thank u @pro_vittorio for the flowers!!!!!"


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