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"animals i wanna see you in these #keshascatcult ears tonight!!"

"peeps is back tweeting tonight!! 😼😼"

"Get your paws up animals. Peeps here …. ready to see the 2nd night of duels???#risingstar"

"i like strong women who can command a stage…. like my momma #risingstar"

"i love that my mom needs a tape delay. #risingstar"

"OMG that ball of yarn tho THATS FOR ME #risingstar" "where your ears at? i wanna see #keshascatcult"

Keshas twitter 39 2014

"mad crazy ass could also describe me "@2flyingfucks me and mad crazy ass spastic baby got youuu 💙🔥💙😼""
Keshas twitter 40 2014

"What are you waiting for??? swipe swipe #risingstar"

"I don't wanna me anything other than me. Because I'm amazing. #risingstar"

"im peeps. not my mom. i have my own thing going on…biting, kneading all the sweaters… ok???"

"shhhh @Ludacris let my mom handle it #risingstar"

"ahh i liked him! ugh #risingstar"

"K. need to go sleep on some pants thx for tweeting with me!!! #risingstar"


Keshas instagram 43 2014

"hair dye party what color will it be tomorrow ?????🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈"


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