Length 1:06

"Downtown" is a song performed by Ke$ha. It is not currently listed on any known publishing sites. 


Official versionsEdit

  • Official version - 1:06
  • Instrumental version - 2:50


I always try to blow your mind, to blow your mind
Every single day and every single night
I give you yours I give again it's all the time
Why don't you give me mine yeah won't you give me mine

I want a little lovin' in the wild west
You use your mouth for talkin' boy I'm not impressed
I got a lotta naughty in me interest
Baby are you blind
Why won't you give me mine

Downtown and you know the place oh
Goin' downtown, goin' downtown
Downtown put a smile on my face oh
Goin' downtown, goin' downtown
Downtown whoa
Downtown know what I'm talking about
Downtown oh
Beats in my heart when you're goin' downtown

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