Written by Chelcee Grimes
Kesha Sebert
Stuart Crichton

"Birthday Suit" is a unreleased song by performed by Kesha. It was registered on BMI in early 2017, on December 2017 a snippet of the song leaked.

It is currently being sold in the Music Mafia auction along with many other unreleased songs by many artists.

Lyrics Edit

Impossible to get you out of my head
And I keep fighting, fighting the feeling
But I want ya, but I want ya
[?] haven't even done it yet

I know we're both thinking, I wanna get you in your birthday suit
Who's gonna be the first to make the move?


  • BMI Work #24956215
  • HFA Song Code: BVBBWK
  • SESAC Work Number: 689383619