Animal + cannibal - the remix album cover
Released April 27, 2011
Length 01:06:00
Producers Billboard
Chuck Buckett
Corey Enemy
Dave Audé
DJ Skeet Skeet
Hagenaar & Albercht
Fred Falke
Tom Neville
Label Rca records logo Kemosabe records logo
I am the dance commander + i command you to dance- the remix album cover
Animal + cannibal - the remix album cover
Warrior 1 cover

Animal + Cannibal - The Remix Album is the second remix album released by Ke$ha. It was released on April 27, 2011, exclusively in Japan. Though the tracklist is different, it is simply a different release of I Am the Dance Commander + I Command You to Dance: The Remix Album.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Length
1. "Tik Tok (Tom Neville's Crunk & Med Mix)"   6:52
2. "Tik Tok (Fred Falke Club Remix)"   6:40
3. "Your Love Is My Drug (Dave Aude Club Mix)"   7:29
4. "Your Love Is My Drug (Bimbo Jones Radio)"   3:07
5. "Blah Blah Blah (DJ Skeet Skeet Radio Remix)"   4:02
6. "Animal (Switch Remix)"   4:26
7. "Animal (Billboard Remix)"   4:16
8. "We R Who We R (Fred Falke Club Mix)"   6:56
9. "We R Who We R (Hagenaar & Albercht Remix)"   7:17
10. "Take It Off (Corey Enemy Club Mix)"   6:23
11. "Take It Off (Billboard Radio Mix)"   3:38
12. "The Sleazy Remix (feat. André 3000)"   3:49
13. "Fuck Him He's a DJ"   3:45
Total length: